Innovation Impact Challenge

UH expertise and talent plus Partner experience and resources equals Innovative Solutions

Program Description

UH works with industry, community and government partners to identify challenges, and brings together UH researchers and students to creatively solve those challenges and work collaboratively with partner organization(s). These innovative solutions can then continue its development using existing innovation and entrepreneurship resources (e.g. accelerators) to bring them to market.

The goal? To create partnerships that leverage UH expertise & creativity to inspire cross-disciplinary collaboration, foster the development of novel and innovative ideas and solutions to address Hawai‘i’s challenges, and create opportunities that impact Hawai‘i’s economy.

Participant Vertical Integration

Exemplary timeline

Exemplary Timeline and Roles

Impacts and Outcomes

  • Tackles real world challenges Hawai‘i faces
  • Develops new technologies and viable solutions
  • Develops a pipeline from UH research to existing innovation and entrepreneurship resources
  • Strengthens community partnerships and engagement with UH
    • Provides partners with first-hand experience with UH researchers and students
    • Enhance internship and hiring opportunities
  • Offers UH researchers and students hands-on real-world experience
    • Instills problem-solving, project-based, collaborative and entrepreneurial mindset applicable throughout their professional careers
  • Fosters collaboration and multi-disciplinary team mindset
    • Develops systems thinking by bringing together a team of committed stakeholders with shared values and passions (i.e., committed and open stakeholders with complementary skill sets) to inspire the development of new technologies/solutions, facilitate commercialization and catalyze economic development
  • Stimulates Hawai‘i’s economy through technology development and commercialization and workforce development

Interested in partnering for a challenge or learning more about the program?

Contact the Office of Innovation and Commercialization at 808-956-9024 or