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As long as you have a UH username and password, you can access myInvention. If it is the first time you are logging in, you will need to enter your contact information.

You may upload as many documents as you want, up to a total size of 10MB. Any documents over 10MB can be emailed directly to OTT at In the subject line, please reference the Disclosure ID found at the top of the form.

You may upload MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, jpeg and png files.

Please contact OTT at or 956-9024. We can change the disclosure back to draft status so you may continue editing. Please reference the Disclosure ID when contacting us. We will let you know once the status is changed so you may continue editing the disclosure.

Interests are key words that are associated with your invention.

Marketing targets are companies or people who you think may be interested in your invention. OTT will use these as a starting point in the marketing process, which is one part of OTT’s evaluation process.

Remarks can be used as comments or notes for OTTED about your invention. You may also use the remarks as a way to communicate with OTTED. Remarks cannot be deleted once saved.

Caution: Everyone who has access to view the disclosure will see the remarks. Please do not leave any confidential or sensitive information in the remarks section.

You may add as many interests or marketing targets as you want. However, each interest or marketing target will need to be added one at a time.

You may leave the grant number field blank. Please provide as much information as possible about the grant or award. OTT will work with ORS to get the correct grant or award number.

The order of the inventors is used for administrative tracking. By default, the person creating the disclosure is listed as “1” in the order and is referred to as the “Lead Inventor”. You may change the order and contribution percentage of each inventor. The Lead Inventor does not have to be the contact inventor.

After submitting the disclosure, please download the PDF version by clicking on the “Download PDF for signature” box and route to all the listed inventors and their immediate supervisor for their signature(s). The signed disclosure can then be emailed, faxed or mailed to OTT.

The information on the disclosure form will assist OTT in evaluating the invention and completing any required reporting to the federal government. The information also provides OTT with a basic understanding of your invention.

Please contact OTT if you have any questions or problems with the myInvention website. We can be reached at or 956-9024.

myInvention works best with the Internet Explorer browser, but you may use any internet browser you prefer. Users have found that the site works a little more slowly on Chrome compared to Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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