PDC’s Disaster Alert™ App

Early warning systems save lives and the Pacific Disaster Center (PDC)’s global coverage of multiple hazards is no longer just available to disaster management agencies at real-time speed, but free to the public through PDC’s mobile app, Disaster Alert.

Available in both iOS, Android, and on the web, Disaster Alert provides a way for people and their loved ones to stay safe anytime, anywhere with instant access to 18 different types of active hazards including: drought, earthquake, flood, high surf (Hawai‘i), high wind (Hawai‘i), marine, storm, cyclone, tsunami, volcano, landslide, wildfire, biomedical, man-made hazards and more.

Lending to its user-friendliness, Disaster Alert presents information on a map which gives users the ability to observe hazards in their specific location and sign up for relevant alerts. Mobile users receive up-to-the-minute information about current and real-time incidents compiled by authoritative sources on events from around the world. Disaster Alert brings all this information together into a single useful interface with the most comprehensive and up-to-date situational analysis of current conditions on the ground, as well as detailed reports projecting the future or present impact of a disaster. At users’ fingertips are numerous map overlays including population densities, rainfall, day and night indicators, and more. And, with Disaster Alert on the web, users can perform their own hazard analysis with overlays such as the location of public infrastructure, roads, hospitals, and other geographic visualizations. New information is continuously being added to Disaster Alert making it the most reliable and complete source of global disaster information in mobile format. The application is available through Google’s Play Store, iTunes, or on the web at: http://disasteralert.pdc.org/disasteralert.