Notice or Proposed Policy Making for Public Review and Comment (2)

Date: November 20, 2015
Policy type: Regents Policy
Type of change: Revisions
Chapters: RP 12.201 – Ethical Standards of Conduct
RP 12.202 – Principal Investigator
RP 12.203 – Right to Investigate and Disseminate
RP 12.206 – Establishment and Review of Organized Research Units
RP 12.207 – Research Corporation of the University of Hawai‘i
RP 12.208 – Awards for Excellence Research

Public Review and Comment Period

Please submit your comments via the comment box below. Comments must be received via this system no later than [insert date, which is 60 days from issuance of this notice].

Substantive comments received will be reviewed by the RPTF. These comments and revisions to the proposed policies, if any, will be submitted to the Board, President or President’s delegate as appropriate for review, approval and posting to the Policy and Procedures Information System (PPIS).


To update and clarify Board of Regents Policies (RP) relating to research and scholarly activity.


About Board of Regents Policies

Per Executive Policy 2.201, Systemwide Policies and Procedures, Board of Regents Policies are broad statements that support the philosophy of the mission of the University and are the principal basis and authority for policies and procedures issued by the President and designated systemwide administrators.

Systemwide Effort to Review and Update Policies and Procedures

In 2013, the University administration started a process to update and harmonize the University’s policies and procedures, some of which have not been updated for 20 years or more. A new web site to host the University’s policies and procedures in a new format was launched in November 2014. Since its launch, there have been concerns with the new format that was implemented, such as inconsistencies between the policies cited in different locations. Accordingly, policy updates and revisions have been suspended as of this date since this is a large undertaking with serious impact on University stakeholders and users of this system.

The University administration understands and recognizes the delicate balance between ensuring that momentum is maintained while following all applicable protocols. A Policy Advisory Committee is currently tasked with identifying and addressing these issues under the direction of the Vice President for Administration, who has been assigned as the lead for this matter.

Research Policy Task Force

Although the updating of policy and procedure was suspended, in anticipation of resuming these efforts the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI) convened a Research Policy Task Force (RPTF) to review and recommend updates to the University’s research policies and procedures starting with the Regents Policies

The RPTF is comprised of representatives from the Office of the VPRI, Office of the UH Mānoa Vice Chancellor for Research, and a faculty member from each of the physical sciences, life sciences, and social sciences. One of the faculty members serves as the chair of the RPTF.

The RPTF agreed that the RP should remain broad statements and that review and update of detailed policies and procedures would occur during the review of the Executive Policies (EP) and Administrative Procedures (AP), which will happen after the RPs are updated.

RPs Not Subject to Revision at this Time

RP 12.204 was recently updated to comply with a strict federal deadline to restore and update the policy regarding the composition and function of the key management personnel group in order to comply with federal policies on classified research. Future revisions to RP 12.204 are anticipated to be handled using the normal consultation process for University policies procedures.

RP 12.205 primarily cites a Hawai‘i Administrative Rule (HAR) and collective bargaining contracts. Because HARs are under the purview of the Office of the Governor, revisions to RP 12.205 are not being made at this time until the University administration researches the process for making and coordinating revisions to the University HAR as a whole.

Proposed Changes

Explanation of proposed changes

RP 12.201 – Ethical Standards of Conduct
Current version  •  Ramseyer format (PDF)  •  Clean Copy (PDF)

RP 12.202 – Principal Investigator
Current version  •  Ramseyer format (PDF)  •  Clean Copy (PDF)

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