University of Hawai‘i
Research Compliance

Researcher Responsibilities

Faculty investigators and instructors, students, and research support staff are required to comply by securing an IACUC animal use protocol approval prior to the commencement of any new research study, testing project or instructional activity involving live vertebrate animal subjects.  IACUC animal use protocol approval pertains to the involvement of live vertebrate animals subjects that are terrestrial or aquatic, and is not limited to the enclosed laboratory environment.

As an investigator or research staff you are required and expected to comply with the federal and state regulations and university policies regarding providing optimal health conditions, well-being, and care of vertebrate animals used in research studies, testing projects, and instructional activities.

Involving live vertebrate animals for research studies, testing projects, or instructional activities on behalf of the University of Hawai‘i, requires that the Investigator or Instructor submit an animal care and use protocol and obtain approval by the IACUC prior to commencing with the proposed work.  

Animal care and use protocols are submitted electronically online utilizing TOPAZ Elements.  Paper-based animal care and use forms are not accepted.

Continuance of ongoing research studies, testing projects or instructional activities that involve live vertebrate animals are required to be fully renewed  by the IACUC no later than the anniversary date of the third year of the ongoing research studies, testing projects or instructional activities.  This is referred as de novo review.  Failure to achieve de novo review requires the Investigator or Instructor to cease work or instruction immediately.  Only when IACUC approval for full renewal is obtained may research, testing or instruction continue once again.

The IACUC requires annual renewals to be completed.  The annual renewal is important to the IACUC as it provides a status report to the committee to assess whether the research study, testing project, or instruction involving vertebrate animals is being conducted as first proposed and determined appropriate to commence by the committee.

Changes or amendments to a registration are required to be approved before the modifications commence.  Significant changes or amendments require the review and assessment of the full committee before modifications are permitted to occur.  Some minor changes or amendments may only require the review and assessment of the IACUC Chairman or institution’s Attending Veterinarian to approve.

Contact the Animal Welfare Program Office with questions to whether IACUC review and assessments are necessary for any new, continuing, or amended research study, testing project or instructional activity.

Failure to comply may result in the premature closure or immediate suspension of the study, project or activity, and the notification of granting agency and with the possibility of forfeiture of extramural support.