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Biosafety Program FAQ

When must I complete an IBC Registration Form?

IBC registration pertains to, but is not necessary limited to the use of recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules, biological materials (human and animal blood, body fluids, tissue, etc.) vertebrate animal, human, and plant pathogens, and imported live biological materials for research, testing, instruction, and emerging technologies.

What are IBC Registration Form submission deadlines for IBC monthly meetings?

Please refer to the IBC Meetings and Deadlines.  Registration Forms are due by 12:00 noon on the first Tuesday of each month for that month’s IBC scheduled committee meeting.

What is an acceptable IBC Registration Form submission?

Only type-written computer printed completed, signed and dated Registration Forms are accepted for submission.  Hand-written or incomplete Registration Forms will be returned to the applicant.

Who are allowed to sign the IBC Registration Form?

Principal Investigators (PI) are required to sign their IBC Registration Form.  Post-doctoral students with confirmed funding may sign the Registration Form with the PI co-signing.

Registration Forms signed by personnel other than the aforementioned invalidates the Registration Form submission.  Registration Forms signed by students (graduate or undergraduate) or staff members (laboratory or field) are not accepted

Is the IBC Registration Form accepted by electronic or physical mail delivery?

Completed and signed Registration Forms are accepted electronically by email or hard-copy physical mail delivery.

Registration Forms may be electronically transmitted to the Biosafety Program Office to the attention of the IBC Coordinator.  Email

Registration Forms may be physically mail delivered to this mailing address:

Biosafety Program Office
c/o IBC Coordinator
Office of Research Compliance
2425 Campus Road
Sinclair 10
Honolulu, HI 96822

When can I determine the status of an IBC Registration Form post-IBC meeting?

 Registration Form status is usually available 24-48 hours post-IBC meeting.  Applicants are notified in writing 5-7 business days post-IBC meeting.


What is the length of time IBC approval is valid?

 IBC approval is valid for 3 years. 

 Continuance of the IBC activity is dependent upon renewal and laboratory or site of activity biosafety inspection.  A Registration Form is required to be completed and submitted for renewal to the IBC for assessment to ensure the activity is renewed and permitted to continue.


What are the procedures for guests request to attend IBC meetings?

Non-committee guest that are interested in participation or to attend an IBC meeting are required to forward their request to this email.  Email  Please provide the information listed below with the request for attending the IBC meeting of interest.  The decision to consider and reply to the request take 48-72 business hours.

  • Full name of attendee(s)
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Affiliation to the University of Hawaii

Reason for Attending


How may someone make a request to obtain IBC meeting minutes?

Upon request, the University pursuant to section IV-B-2-a-(7), NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant Molecules… require the institution make available Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) meeting minutes.  The NIH Office of Science Policy will be notified of the request.

Copies of the IBC meeting minutes will be provided upon request within 10 business days.  Information considered confidential, proprietary, or intellectual property may be redacted.  Handling fees and services charges may be applied to the request.  Please provide the information below with the request for obtaining copies of IBC meeting minutes by email.  Email

  • Full name of attendee(s)
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Affiliation to the University of Hawaii
  • Month and Year of IBC Meeting