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Research Compliance

UH eProtocol

eProtocol is a web-based program that enables principal investigators, staff, and IRB members to prepare, submit, review, and communicate the status of protocols.

Access eProtocol

Using eProtocol

Browser Requirements

  • eProtocol runs on any major Web browser.
  • Disable your browser pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups for  the URL:


eProtocol Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is eProtocol?
  • eProtocol is web-based software that promotes and facilitates the protection of human research participants.
  • eProtocol helps assure compliance with federal regulations for human research protections.
  • eProtocol is used by researchers, management staff, technical teams, committee members, and reporting units.
2. What are some of the benefits of eProtocol?
  • Intuitive, online interface with dynamic, question-based forms ("smart forms")
  • Streamlined administrative processes (including the elimination of duplicative data entry for common compliance processes)
  • Ability to modify and edit drafts, pause form completion and continue later
  • Forms that can be completed by someone other than the form signatory
  • Reporting and email notification features
3. Who is able to access eProtocol?

All UH-affiliates (faculty, students, staff, etc.) can access eProtocol using their UH username. Non-UH affiliates will need to obtain a UH username and password to access the system.

4. Will all my protocols be available in the new system?

At system launch (April 15, 2016), only new applications will be processed using eProtocol. Active protocols initiated prior to the launch will continue to be processed using the existing submission mechanisms.

5. How do I access eProtocol?
  1. Pick any internet browser (e.g., Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
  2. Adjust that browser’s settings to allow pop-ups
  3. Go to the URL
  4. Use your UH email username/password to log on
6. How can I learn more about using eProtocol?
7. Who do I contact if I need help?
For help navigating the IRB eProtocol application and submission process, contact the UH ORC Human Studies Program.