Report Research Misconduct

If you suspect research misconduct, please report it immediately to the University of Hawai‘i Research Integrity Officer (RIO):

Victoria Rivera

Reports must contain enough information* to be considered specific and credible. Report what you know, but please do not investigate!

* Should include the following information in allegation:

  • Name of respondent(s)
  • Name of whistleblower(s) – if wish to be identified
  • Names of witnesses
  • Description of misconduct
  • When misconduct occurred
  • Supporting documentation
  • Grant number or title – if known
  • Funding source – if known

NOTE: Allegations involving the protection of human participants or animal subjects, conflicts of interest, financial mismanagement, use of hazardous materials, or regulated research will be referred to the offices that deal with abuses of the research process.

For Public Health Service (PHS) awards: You may contact the United States Department of Health and Human Resources Office of Research Integrity at to ask questions or file a complaint.