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Report Submission Requirements
Final Technical Report

If ORS endorsement is required, the principal investigator (PI) should send original and one copy of the report to their assigned ORS Grants Specialist.

If ORS endorsement is not required, the PI should provide their assigned ORS Grants Specialist with a copy of the transmittal, indicating the date of submission and where the report was sent.

Final Invention Statement or Final Patent Report The PI should send the original and one copy to their assigned ORS Grants Specialist for signature and submission to sponsor.
Final Inventory or Property Report The PI should request report from the UH Property and Fund Management Office (PFMO) and notify their assigned ORS Grants Specialist at the date the report was filed with the sponsor.
Financial Reports Final invoices and standard reports are completed by the ORS Fiscal Accounting Section with confirmation of final expenditures provided by the Fiscal Officer.  Also included are Release and Assignment reports which must be certified by ORS.

If ORS receives notifications of past due final reports, the PI will be notified.  If not completed, the dean/director may also be notified.  If the PI does not comply with the required award terms, future proposals of the PI may be held until all outstanding items are submitted.