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Due Dates and Timeline

Careful attention to deadlines is necessary for a successful closeout process.

Sponsor Due Dates

Sponsor Type Due Date
Federal Sponsor
  • Generally 90 days after project termination
  • Usually require the Standard Form 425, Federal Financial Report
Other Sponsor
  • May be shorter closeout period (60, 45, 30 days)
  • May have their own specific formats for reporting and invoicing
  • May request detailed back up information

Confirmation of Closeout by Fiscal Administrator

The time frame for timely confirmation of final expenditures and approval for closeout by FO is discussed in APM A8.954 as follows:

Report Due Date Fiscal Administrator Confirmation Due By
Standard 90 days 30 days prior to due date
60 to 89 days 20 days prior to due date
Less than 60 days 15 days prior to due date

If timely response not received by ORS:

  • ORS prepares and files final invoice or report based on information in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) at that time and sends final report to the Fiscal Administrator, PI, and Dean/Director.
  • Outstanding encumbrances, suspended transactions or unposted payroll charges will not be included.