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access screen

 The Access screen is used by the proposal aggregator to add/delete users or modify permissions of current users of the proposal.  Users (Budget Creator, Narrative Writer and Viewer) may navigate to this page in a view-only mode to see the different permissions associated with this proposal.

The Permissions page is critical to the Proposal and Budget Development module because it allows the Initiator (Aggregator) to select additional users that will have permissions for the following roles:  Aggregator, Budget Creator, Narrative Writer and Viewer.  The Aggregator can grant, edit, clear or delete the role(s) granted to an individual.

A. Click on Add User.


adding access

Add access for a user:

Enter the person's name or user name.

Click the Search button to perform the search based on your entries.

On the Search Results window, click the Select button beside the person; otherwise, click the Refine Search button to return to the search window. Otherwise click Close to quit the search.

A.  In the Assign a role screen, select the role you wish to apply.


Click the Add Permission button to save and complete the application of the roles for this user.