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UH and RCUH employees who are investigators, co-investigators and/or senior key personnel listed on extramural projects are required to complete a conflict of interest disclosure at least annually.  This disclosure is reviewed by their immediate supervisor, as well as one level of above their immediate supervisor (chair or dean/director level review), and the COI administrator to determine if there is a potential conflict of interest that would need to be addressed.

Home screen

 coi 9

Instructions section

On the Instructions page review the information and policies regarding financial conflicts of interest and the responsibilities you have as UH employees to report them.

coi 10

Questions section

You are presented with several questions relating to various types of involvement in different forms of financial interest. Please answer them to the best of your knowledge.

coi 11

*** If you answered “No” to all of the questions on the Questions Section***

***Please skip to the Review Section information below.  If not, please continue reading.***


Entities Section

On the Entities page you will be asked to identify the entity(s) you are associated with based on your answers in the previous section.

coi 12

 coi 13

Relationships Section

This section allows you to explain how you are financially associated to the entity(s) that you have added.  For each Entity you created you will need to add at least one relationship.  It is possible to have more than one relationship with an entity.

 coi 15

Review Section

The system provides you the opportunity to review and acknowledge that the information that you have previously provided is accurate and complete before it is sent for review.

coi 16

coi 17

You have completed submitting your disclosure.  You can exit the system.  The COI admin and your supervisors will be reviewing your disclosure.