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The COI Administrator will assign the reporter's disclosure form to two levels of review: the reporter’s immediate supervisor and one level above their immediate supervisor (typically this would involve Chair or Dean/Director level review). Reviewers will be notified by system email when a disclosure is assigned to them for review. It is the responsibility of the reviewer to make a recommendation for each of the faculty member's extramural awards to the COI admin if the reporter may have a conflict of interest with an entity.  The final level of review and a final disposition is done by the COI Administrator.  

Home screen

On the header area of the screen, reviewers will see a link for COI Reviewer. A number will also be displayed to indicate the amount of reviews you have pending.

  coi 18

Reviewer Dashboard

This page is similar to the home screen except that instead of seeing a list of your disclosures it instead shows a listing of disclosures waiting for your review.  You can access your previous reviews from the Review History button.

coi 19 

Disclosure review screen

The disclosure review screen combines all the separate screens used during disclosure creation into one convenient page. You will find the page navigation and submit button in the top blue bar instead of on the bottom, where it is located when creating a disclosure.

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         coi 21

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