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keyperson screen

A. The Key Personnel (Required) of the project needs to be added to the proposal.



adding key person

A. Enter the name or username of the person to find the person you are looking for.

B.. Click Search.


adding key person

A. Review search results and click the radio button at the end of the row and then click Continue.



adding key person

A. With a selected person, Assign a role by clicking a radio button beside one of the selections: Principal Investigator or PI/Contact, PI/Multiple, Co-Investigator, or Key Person.

Click the Add Person button to complete this task.

Repeat this task for every key person on your project.



key person details

A. Key Person Certification Notification and Timestamp (Informative):

Proposal personnel will receive an email notifying them that they need to complete their Key Person Certification. The link in the email will take them to a screen where they can answer the questions.
B. Key Person Certification (Required): Three questions form the certification. These question should be completed by the person it is for.

  1. Have you lobbied on behalf of this proposal or have been debarred or suspended from a federal agency?
  2. I certify that the information submitted is true and accurate.
  3. I certify that my Significant Financial Interest disclosure in the Conflict of Interest (COI) module is up-to-date.

C. Unit Details