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person credit allocation

A. Individual RTRF Allocation % (Required): Discuss and come to an agreement with your key personnel on how to split the allocation of the "Research and Training Revolving Fund". This split is used on an annual basis to return money to campuses, schools, and departments from the collected RTRF captured throughout the year as indirect cost project expenditures. The split between all key personnel must total to 100%

B. Unit RTRF Allocation % (Required): For each key personnel, allocate which of their units are associated with the person's share of the RTRF. The split between each person's units needs to totals to 100.

C. Individual Effort %(Required): Assign a estimate percentage of effort that will be dedicated to this project. Please take into account other projects, writing, classes, etc. This percentage is unique to the individual and does not need to total to 100.

D. Unit Effort % (Required): Assign the percentage of effort the key person is doing to the individual's units. This needs to total to 100 per key person.