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HR Status Indicator

Found in the following locations:

hr status valid

Green: Everyone listed as an investigator on the PD Personnel tab has an active UH position that matches with the units listed under the individual’s Unit Details.


hr status invalid

Red: HR position does not match with the myGRANT unit or they do not have an active UH position.


Details button

Clicking on the HR Status “Details” button displays the “HR Details” pop-up window. The first tab (HR Data) shows the UH Office of Human Resources unit information for the person, including Campus, Division, Branch, and Section.

The second tab (Unit Details) contains the myGRANT unit name and number, HR Status, and HR Unit Mapping for the PI / MPI / Co-I.

The Unit Mapping provides what HR Data would be considered a match. The mapping corresponds with the Campus / Division / Branch / Section of the HR data. Asterisks represent any unit within that category.



John Doe’s HR Data shows that he has a position at UH Manoa (Campus), College of Social Science (Division), Department of Urban and Regional Planning (Branch and Section).

hr position



In the Unit Details tab, it shows John Doe’s myGRANT Unit Details (Urban and Regional Planning, unit number MA1574) is a match to his HR Data position in the College of Social Sciences. The HR Status therefore shows as a “Match”.

hr position match


No Match

In the Unit Details tab, it shows that John Doe’s myGRANT Unit Details (Department of Physics and Astronomy, unit number MA1543) Unit Mapping do not match the unit shown in the HR Data. The HR Status therefore shows as “No Match”.

hr position no match


Data Validation

Any investigators with a “No Match” HR Status will be listed in the Warnings section.

hr warning


Correcting Issues

Personnel issues for any investigator with a “No Match” HR Status must be resolved before the proposal will be submitted to the sponsor. Options are as follows: