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proposal details

A. Proposal Header (Informative):

B. Document Info (Informative): Provides details about this proposal including the system document number, if the proposal is connected to an S2S opportunity (yes or no), the username of the user that created the proposal, and the document status of the proposal.
C. Proposal Toolbar (Informative): Data Validation, Print, Copy, Medusa, Hierarchy, and Budget Versions tool links.
D. ‘Required fields for saving’ (Required): Maintained in the initial creation of the proposal. All except the Lead Unit can be changed in this screen. (To change the unit, copy the proposal and select another unit.)
E. Proposal Basics (Informative) Navigation Header:

F. Prime Sponsor Code (Suggested): Is required if you are receiving funds that ultimately were provided by the Federal government. UH will not submit this proposal directly to the funding agency, but to a collaborator for inclusion in their application to the funding agency, e.g., you are submitting as a subrecipient.
G. Keywords (Suggested): Displayed options in a drop-down list. We recommend adding one or more options for indicating the type of work being done in the project. This will allow us to help locate experts in different fields of study and facilitate collaboration. Click on the field to display the keyword listing. Either scroll to select a keyword or start typing to filter the listing down. Once selected, you can unselect the keyword by clicking it again. To add more keywords, continue to scroll or type search and select.
H. Proposal Footer Actions: