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Accounts Receivable Collections

Invoice collection process under AP 12.412

Collection letter(s) are sent to sponsors for unpaid final invoices.

1st Notice 2 months after final invoice submitted
2nd Notice Approximately 2 months after 1st Notice
Notification to Dean/Director Approximately 2 months after 2nd Notice
Account may be sent to a collection agency


Cash balances

Any excess cash received will be returned to the sponsor in accordance with award terms.

If despite all collection efforts, the accounts receivable is deemed unrecoverable, ORS will work with school/campus to obtain funds or determine payment plan to reimburse the project account for any cash deficit.  Generally, cash deficits will be charged to the School/College or Research Unit’s Research Training and Revolving (RTRF) account or other departmental account provided.

If payment is subsequently received from the sponsor, the account used to cover the deficit will be credited.