Service Centers

Special Fund Research Recharge Center (SRRC) is an income-generating project that is established under Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) §304A-2157 “University of Hawaii auxiliary enterprises special fund” for the primary purpose of supporting a specialized service activity or a recharge center. A specialized service facility (SSF) is an institutional service involving the use of highly complex or specialized facilities which support grants, contracts or other sponsored agreements and intramurally funded activities on an on-going basis. SSFs that do not generate at least $1,000,000 of revenue per year will be considered a recharge center. SRRCs should generally operate at a break-even level with a maximum 60-day working capital reserve. Auxiliary services are those services provided by the university to students, faculty, staff, and others that are ancillary to, but facilitate the instruction, research, and public service missions of the university.

The criteria to establish or renew an SRRC are as follows:

  1. An SRRC shall be established only if it can operate as an ongoing activity. Idle accounts or accounts carrying deficits from year-to-year will be terminated.
  2. An SRRC should not be established if it involves inappropriate activities such as:
    • sponsored research or training activities
    • vehicle to secure rights to data, publishing or intellectual property
    • generating profit
  3. An SRRC should not be established if a commercial vendor provides these services at less cost to UH affiliated customers or if it duplicates an already existing capability on campus. Criteria such as whether the vendor or other recharge center can provide the quality and/or quantity of goods or services to the desired specifications should be considered in making this determination. If the SRRC cannot provide the service at a comparable cost, the benefit to the University for providing this service in this service center as opposed to procuring the service from the external vendor will be required.  The reasonableness of any such duplicative service provision should be addressed in the SRRC Proposal (AP12.204 Attachment 1), including identifying where the proposed service or similar service is available and the pricing of the service.

Policies and Procedures


SRRC Procedural Guidelines


SSRC Proposal Review Process


OVPRI / ORS:  Email announcement for annual review

Prepare SRRC Proposal

SSRC Project:  Prepare SRRC Proposal (see SRRC Procedural Guidance and related attachments on the Service Centers page)

Functional Review

VPRS / VCR:  Performs functional review to determine qualification as an SRRC

Financial Review

OVPRI / ORS:  Performs financial review of Attachment C (Budget) and Attachment D (Rate Setting)

Create/Update KFS

SRRC Project:  Create KFS SRRC account or update expiration date

Approve KFS

Campus Chart Manager:  Approve KFS account and adhoc route to orscomp group


OVPRI / ORS:  Conduct monitoring and review of selected SRRC projects