Service Centers

Special Fund Research Recharge Center (SRRC) is an income-generating project that is established under Hawaii Revised Statute (HRS) §304A-2157 “University of Hawaii auxiliary enterprises special fund” for the primary purpose of supporting a specialized service activity or a recharge center.  A specialized service facility (SSF) is an institutional service involving the use of highly complex or specialized facilities which support grants, contracts or other sponsored agreements and intramurally funded activities on an on-going basis.  SSFs that do not generate  at least $250,000 of revenue per year will be considered a recharge center.  SRRCs should generally operate at a break-even level with a maximum 60-day working capital reserve.  Auxiliary services are those services provided by the university to students, faculty, staff, and others that are ancillary to, but facilitate the instruction, research, and public service missions of the university.

The following types of activities are allowed:

  • Projects involving procurement of goods and services on a cost-reimbursable “user fee basis,” which could not otherwise be provided due to the uneconomical cost of specialized facilities, personnel, equipment and maintenance (e.g., research vessel and technical shop-type operations).
  • Workshop or conference projects without direct extramural sponsorship involving non-university, out-of-state and international participants, such as faculty or staff professional organizations.
  • Projects involving the reprinting of monographs, journals, and conference materials; providing access to research data, including maps for purchase or via subscription; or production of limited quantities of commodities developed under research projects for use by other organizations or institutions to further research or non-research activities.


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June 2023 Updates

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Note: AP 12.204 is currently under revision.

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