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Cost Sharing Recording


Due to limitations in the University’s current payroll business practices, the University is not able to use KFS cost sharing out‐of‐the‐box. Thus, a workaround was established to record cost sharing in KFS.

Fiscal Administrators enter cost sharing information into KFS via the Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) document where costs are tracked in a cost sharing sub‐account. This includes inputting salary and fringe by employee. Cost sharing fringe rates can be found on the Fringe Benefit Rates page at the ORS website. The cost shared salaries and fringe of UH employees will be certified annually at fiscal year end.

Please note that RCUH employees will continue to be recorded under Direct Costs because they are not certified in the University’s effort reporting system.

Due to concerns regarding cash transfers utilized in KFS, pseudo source accounts are used in lieu of an actual account when establishing the cost sharing sub‐account. The pseudo source accounts and cost sharing sub‐accounts are set up by ORS Fiscal Management.

Fiscal Administrators are responsible for inputting the real source account, however, when recording cost sharing in the DI document’s Organization Document Number field. Only costs for one source account are recorded per DI document. Object codes are used to identify the type of cost with a separate number series used for the From Account Number and another for the To Account Number.

Cost sharing for UH personnel salaries and fringe should be recorded in the KFS cost sharing sub-account based on the pay period/service date and must be recorded in the proper fiscal year in order for the year end cost sharing effort certification report to generate properly. In addition, cost sharing entries for direct costs should be recorded when the direct expenses are recorded in the KFS source account. If prior fiscal year adjustments need to be made, please contact the ORS Financial Services Assistant Manager.

Please note that cost sharing for unrecovered indirect costs, external support and tuition waiver will be recorded to the cost sharing sub-account via DI, regardless of the period. Best efforts should be made to record the applicable cost sharing in the proper period when the expense is incurred.

The ORS Financial Services will be handling the monitoring of the cost sharing entries.

Training Manual

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Prepare Cost Sharing Entry‐Direct Costs & Equipment
Prepare Cost Sharing Entry‐Indirect Costs, External Support, Tuition Waiver
Correct Cost Sharing Entry
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View Pseudo Source Account
Cost Sharing Object Codes
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Should you have any questions, please contact the ORS Extramural Funds Accounting Manager.