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Responsible Stewardship of Extramural Awards

ORS would like to remind Principal Investigators (PIs) and Administrators that as an Institution receiving extramural awards, the University of Hawai’i (UH) is committed to being a responsible steward of these awards.

As a part of responsible stewardship, ORS is responsible for notifying PIs and Department Administrators of award requirements to ensure compliance with all of the sponsor’s award terms and conditions.  The University is also responsible for reporting to the funding agencies any significant problems (e.g., adverse events, unanticipated problems with facilities, personnel, or laboratory resources, including human and animal subjects and fiscal or budgetary concerns) which have the potential to impede attaining the goals of an award.  Article 51 of the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-11 0 states: “Recipients shall immediately notify the Federal awarding agency of developments that have a significant impact on the award-supported activities. Also, notification shall be given in the case of problems, delays, or adverse conditions which materially impair the ability to meet the objectives of an award.”

In order to ensure that UH meets its reporting responsibilities, should a PI run into significant problems, project delay/difficulties, or compliance issues, the PI has the responsibility to notify ORS who, in turn, may be required to alert the funding agency.  Information that ORS ( shall report to the funding agency may include a description of the problem and any proposed solutions which have received the appropriate concurrence or approval from the Chancellor or Vice President for Research and Innovation.