Do I need to complete the training in one session or can I stop partway?

You are able to stop partway and return without losing your place. However, your EDT will not register as complete unless all lessons are completed within a 60-day window. That means you must complete the training in its entirety within 60 days or you will need to retake any lessons beyond that timeframe.

Who must complete the training?

All principal investigators, co-investigators, and key personnel listed in myGRANT proposals and associated awards must complete the required training and pass the required exam. The key personnel listed in the myGRANT proposal must match the key personnel listed in the sponsor application.

Why is ORS making this change?

Some UH faculty who do not engage in extramurally-funded activities did not want to have to complete a lengthy disclosure that included questions pertaining to federal sponsorship.  Therefore, ORS isolated the disclosure requirements pertaining to extramurally-funded activities in the new COI module. The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will be looking at the remaining questions … Read more

How often must I submit a record in the COI module?

Your record in the COI module must be submitted no less than annually (i.e., at least every 365 days).  Additionally, during the course of the year, if you or your immediate family have new Significant Financial Interests (SFI), your record in the COI module must be updated immediately.

What does “significant financial interests” mean?

Significant Financial Interests (SFIs) refer to any of the following received in the past 12 months from non-UH entities, including: Remuneration from any entity: value in excess of $5,000, aggregated per entity; Equity interests (e.g., stock) For publicly traded entities: value in excess of $5,000, aggregated per entity, For non-publicly traded entities: ANY value Intellectual … Read more

How long is it going to take someone to review my COI record?

How long it may take for someone to review your COI record will depend on various factors, including the complexity of your Significant Financial Interests (SFI), the completeness of the disclosure you make, and the availability of your immediate supervisor to review the information.  To ensure the fastest processing time, please make sure you provide … Read more