Notice of Funding Opportunity

RCUH Project Development Initiative Fund

Type of Projects Allowed

Internal research & development projects, where UH faculty or professional staff intend to apply for extramural funding as a result of successful preliminary results or proof-of-concept.

General Information

Eligibility: UH faculty and professional staff
Application deadline: December 31, 2015
Award amount: At least two or up to three project development initiatives are expected to be awarded out of a total of $500,000 annually.
Project duration: Up to two years
Indirect costs: Not allowed
Cost sharing: Not required
Unallowable costs: Honoraria; scholarships and fellowships; journal subscriptions; and supplies and equipment normally provided by departments. Also, see UH AP A8.225, Limitations in Purchasing, for other items that should not be purchased.
Restricted costs: Purchases of laptops, cell phones, tablets, and office printers are discouraged unless they are integral and necessary to the research project.

Background Information

In June 2015, the RCUH Board of Directors renewed the RCUH  development initiative fund to identify  and support projects that had the potential to grow the UH research enterprise. This is in keeping with RCUH’s mission to support the UH’s research and training programs and to enhance research, development, and training generally in Hawaii.

Although the renewed program includes research infrastructure as potential investments, at this time emphasis will be placed on projects that have potential to increase external funding or to generate inventions or both.

Application Information

Electronically submit to the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation by December 31, 2015 the following:

  1. Research plan of no more than 10 pages, single-space (12 point) which include any necessary figures and tables;
  2. Separate budget and detailed budget justification;
  3. Two page curriculum vita for all investigators; and
  4. Completed online application form and certification statement.

The proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee appointed by the Vice President for Research and Innovation (VPRI). The committee’s report will be submitted in March to the VPRI, who together with the RCUH Executive Director, will select the recipient(s) of the award(s). Awards will  be made subject to the availability of funds. Funding is expected to begin July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year.

Criteria for Evaluation

The following criteria will be used for evaluating project proposals:

  • Feasibility of project concept
  • Potential for continuation funding from external source/s
  • Potential for generating inventions
  • Qualifications of investigators
  • Appropriateness of budget

Emphasis will be placed on research that advances the Hawai‘i Innovation Initiative strategic areas (i.e., ocean and climate sciences, astronomy, health & wellness, digital/creative media, cybersecurity, sustainable agriculture, energy, data intensive science and engineering). However, this should not discourage applications in other fields or disciplines that have a potential for external funding or generation of inventions.

Applications have closed