Closeout Project Step: Report Invention to OTT

UH Patent and Copyright Policy (EP 12.205) requires all employees of the University, non-employees who use University research facilities and those who receive grant or contract funds through the University to promptly report and fully disclose any ideas for and/or reduction to practice of a potentially patent-able invention or discovery.

If an invention is created under a funded project, the UH inventors are advised to disclose the invention(s) through OTT’s Inventor Portal. Particularly if multiple inventions have been created during or as a result of the Project, or multiple patent applications were filed by UH from a single project invention, the Inventor Portal will facilitate the reporting and tracking of inventions by OTT, compared to the option of manually filling out and submitting a UH Invention Disclosure Form (which requires more steps to log, copy, link, lookup and track disclosures). Information submitted through the Inventor Portal is handy later on for UH inventors to track their inventions, whether or not related to a particular awarded project.

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