Manage Project Step: Report Project Inventions to OTT

As soon as a new invention, modification or improvement to sponsor’s material, or novel technology with commercial value (including new computer software code) is under development and mature enough for its description to be understood and easily followed by a reader with proper technical background, such an invention needs to be disclosed to the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). Read more about Disclosing an Invention.

Early reporting of such developments will help OTT advise researchers and put available IP protection in place, if warranted. Particularly before presenting, submitting for publication, or otherwise publicly disclosing a commercially useful invention or development, please notify OTT.

Also, if the funding agency/sponsor’s agreement includes an invention reporting requirement, typically there is a required timeline for invention disclosure to the agency/sponsor. UH needs to ensure that such timeline be adhered to, otherwise UH is creating a breach of contract and can be liable for it.

UH inventors can create and submit an Invention Disclosure record through OTT’s website which allows for easy review and reporting during the Manage Project stage, as well as during the Close-Out Project stage.

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