Research Pillar

Limu Study with Ke Kula Nui O Waimanalo (KKNOW)

This project will assist UH CIIHE in re-examining research epistemologies for conducting community-engaged/community-based participatory research within NHPI communities; and advise and assist UH CIIHE in co-producing "new approaches" that expand the Center's support for research activities utilizing or investigating Indigenous innovations within community settings.

Decolonizing ‘Sustainability’ for Indigenous Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Well-being with Dr. Angela Fa’anunu and Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS)

Aims to decolonize sustainability— a process that rejects “politics of distraction” and paves the way for the effective restoration and the application of ancestral and cultural practices that can lead to improved indigenous Hawaiian and Pacific Islander well-being.

Policy Pillar

Policy Analysis, Briefs, and Workshops

Improve policymakers’ understanding of the benefits of traditional cultural practices to address chronic diseases and advance health equity for NHPI populations.

Student Development

NHPI Indigenous Innovations in Health Internship

Provides meaningful engagement and opportunities for interns to learn, grow, and network with community-based organizations, UH faculty, and state and federal health agencies focused on NHPI Indigenous Innovations.

Education & Training

Workshops for clinical providers & NHPI community-based organizations

Leverage education and training to improve coordination between health care systems and community based organizations to advance the integration of traditional cultural practices into clinical settings.


Landscape Analysis Report

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E Kolo Ana Nō Ka I Ēwe i ka ʻIewe: Executing Indigenous Grants, Indigenously


Landscape Analysis Workshops

Landscape Analysis Workshop with Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation

Landscape Analysis Workshop with Hawai‘i People’s Fund

Landscape Analysis Workshop with Kua'āina Ulu 'Auamo

Landscape Analysis Dissemination Workshops

Dissemination Workshop with Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation

Dissemination Workshop with Kua'āina Ulu 'Auamo