How to Apply

 Submit online application

Applications are required. White papers submitted without an application will not be reviewed.

 Submit white paper

  • White papers must:
    Be submitted by the individual who submitted an application and
  • Follow the guidelines
water challenge blue lines

General Selection Criteria

  • Addresses one of the identified topic areas mentioned above
  • Meets all application requirements and guidelines
  • Clear and concise description of the proposed solution and research plan
  • Includes/uses established and/or evidence-based research
  • Adaptability of proposed solution in other locations or use cases
  • Collaboration with businesses or community groups preferred
water challenge blue lines

White Paper Guidelines


  • PDF format
  • Cover page with proposal title and topic area
  • CV for each team member (2 page max per member)
  • 5 page maximum (not including cover page and CVs)
    • 8.5″ x 11″ page size
    • no smaller than 11-pt font size
    • no smaller than 0.5″ margin on each side


  • Abstract
  • Project Narrative
    • Description of proposed project
      – how the project addresses the topic area
      – benefits to the DoD installation and surrounding community
    • Period of Performance
      – projects must end by July 31, 2024
    • Project schedule and deliverables
      – include milestones, regular status reports, final report and demonstrable prototype
    • Facilities and equipment available for the project
    • Risks or issues that may affect project
  • Budget (include estimated number of work hours)
  • Project team members (both UH and non-UH)
    – Name, title, company/UH campus, email
water challenge blue lines