Yes. Any UH student may apply, but a UH faculty advisor must be part of the project team.

The funding may be used for personnel (salaries) and supplies. Funding cannot be used to purchase equipment.

8-10 white papers will be selected for the Project Pitch event. 1-2 proposals will be awarded.

A UH researcher must be the project lead and submit the application and white paper. If you are not a UH researcher you can be part of the project team submitting a proposal.

Yes. All faculty, researchers and students from any UH campus may apply.

All accepted white papers will be reviewed by a committee, who will select the proposals that will move on to the Project Pitch event. Teams will be notified of the selected proposals.

The judges will select the winning proposals. Notices will be sent announcing the selected proposals.

The awarded projects will demonstrate their solution to the DoD partner and the community.

The Project Pitch event is where selected teams do a 5-minute presentation to a panel of judges. This is an opportunity for the project team to persuade the judges to select their proposal.