The following post-award modifications require creation of a new Proposal Development record (PD):

  • Change in PI
  • Change in Cost Sharing
  • Change in scope of work
  • Change in RTRF allocation
  • Change in department resulting in change in RTRF allocation
  • Addition/deletion of or change in key personnel resulting in change in RTRF allocation

For the above post-award modification types, do not create a budget (leave blank). If copying from the previously submitted PD, do not select the budget to be copied over.

For supplemental funding not previously proposed, please create a new PD and a budget for the amount of the supplemental award. Please also provide ORS with any formal and informal communication with the sponsor by attaching them to the “Internal Attachments” subtab in the “Attachments” tab of the PD.

Changes in department or key personnel that do not result in a change to the RTRF allocation do not require creation of a PD. Please submit written notice of your department change to your assigned ORS specialist.

Requests for no-cost extension also do not require creation of a PD. Please send the original and one copy of the formal request letter to your assigned ORS specialist with transmittal instructions. When ORS receives approval from the funding agency, a copy of the award notice will be forwarded to the principal investigator and fiscal administrator via myGRANT.

For all other post-award transactions, please send the relevant documents to your assigned ORS specialist for review and further guidance.


A summary of the above may be found here