BOR Excellence in Research Awards

The Regents’ Medal for Excellence in Research is awarded by the Board of Regents in recognition of scholarly contributions that expand the boundaries of knowledge and enrich the lives of students and the community.


Read about the 2018 UH Board of Regents Awards recipients

2019 Tim Li, Atmospheric Sciences  Tim Li, Atmospheric Sciences

2019 Craig Smith, Oceanography  Craig Smith, Oceanography

2019 Robert Toonen, Marine Biology  Robert Toonen, Marine Biology


Read about the 2018 UH Board of Regents Awards recipients

2018 Samir K. Khanal, Molecular Biosciences  Samir K. Khanal, Molecular Biosciences

2018 Bo Qiu, Oceanography  Bo Qiu, Oceanography


2017 Christoph Baranec, Astronomy  Christoph Baranec, Astronomy

2017 James Dean Brown, Linguistics  James Dean Brown, Linguistics

2017 Jeffrey R. Kuhn, Astronomy  Jeffrey R. Kuhn, Astronomy


2016 Brian W. Bowen  Brian W. Bowen, Marine Biology

2016 Loïc Le Marchand, Epidemiology  Loïc Le Marchand, Epidemiology

2016 Kristin Pauker, Psychology  Kristin Pauker, Psychology


2015_Axel-Timmermann_Oceanography  Axel Timmermann, Oceanography

2015_Karen-Meech_Astronomy  Karen Meech, Astronomy

2015_Robert-Thomson_Biology  Robert Thomson, Biology


2014_Andrew-Howard_Astronomy  Andrew Howard, Astronomy

2014_Nick-Kaiser_Astronomy  Nick Kaiser, Astronomy

2014_Ruth-Gates_Marine-Biology Ruth Gates, Marine Biology


2013_Bin-Wang_Meteorology Bin Wang, Meteorology

2013_Magdy-Iskander_Electrical-Eng Magdy-Iskander, Electrical Engineering


2012_Aaron-Ohta_Electrical-Eng Aaron-Ohta, Electrical Engineering

2012_Christopher-Bae_Anthropology Christopher Bae, Anthropology

2012_Roger-Ames_Philosophy Roger Ames, Philosophy


2011_Lisa-Kewley_AstronomyLisa Kewley, Astronomy

2011_J-Patrick-Henry_AstronomyJ. Patrick Henry, Astronomy


2010_Michael-Shapiro_Political-SciMichael Shapiro, Political Science

2010_Barbara-Watson-Andaya_SE-Asian-StudiesBarbara Watson-Andaya, South East Asian Studies

2010_Daniel-Rubinoff_Plant-Envir-Protect-SciDaniel Rubinoff, Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences