Biological Safety Program
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The Biological Safety Program has a new “First Time User Information” section to assist new users in starting their work with biological materials. There is also newly posted information about requirements for addressing Occupational Health and Safety as a part of the IBC review process.”

The UH Biosafety Program purchased the CITI Training Program Biosafety and Biosecurity Series. The series contains 18 training modules relating to biosafety for your use and we will be transitioning some of our in-house biosafety training to this platform. Contact the Biosafety Office for more information.

COVID-19 Response

The University of Hawaii (UH) is seriously concerned for any researcher, staff member, and support personnel working on material with SARS-COV2. As guidance for working with COVID-19 material, please direct your attention to and practice these safety guidelines from the CDC, NIH, and ABSA.

UH Laboratory PPE Guidelines 


What is the Biological Safety Program (BSP)?

The Biological Safety Program (BSP) ensures the protection of faculty, support staff, students by providing training and advisement through best practices; the general public, and Hawaii’s natural environment from the exposure to deleterious agents that are biological (including Select Agents and toxins), microorganisms, and recombinant genetic biomaterials which may be considered infectious and transmitted through various means of dispersal.

In addition, the BSP administers the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). The IBC is responsible for ensuring that all research, testing, and instruction involving biological materials are assessed by regular registration reviews and on-site monitoring of laboratory and field activities of new and ongoing use.

In collaboration with the Environmental Health and Safety Office (ESHO) and various campus health specialists and their departmental officials, the BSP ensures that biomaterial activities have registered inventory declarations, permitting, and on-site monitoring of laboratory and field activities of new and ongoing biomaterial use.

BSP Program Information

UH Biosafety Program and IBC Registered: NIH Office of Biotechnology Activities/Office of Scientific Policy
Expiration date:
April 2024