COI Disclosure

Who must complete a COI disclosure form and which one should be completed?

UH and RCUH employees involved in extramural proposals and awards administered by the Office of Research Services (ORS) must complete the COI disclosure form in the rCOI system which is connected to myGRANT.

See the chart below for a quick guide to who must submit a COI form and which form should be used.

If you completed the rCOI Disclosure in the past 12 months, you do not have to complete the Kuali Build (KB) COI Disclosure form.

Employee Types*

rCOI Disclosure
(connected to myGRANT)

Kuali Build (KB)
COI Disclosure

(replaces paper form)
Faculty (Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators) and Senior/Key Personnel involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of extramural (externally sponsored) research or scholarly activity
Faculty not involved in extramurally-funded projects

(All faculty must complete a COI disclosure form)

All Administrators, including Executive and Managerial positions, such as President, Vice Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors
Any individual who acts as an agent of the University in the use or procurement of University facilities and resources (e.g., individuals involved in auxiliary services and financial management)

* Employee Types include full time or part time appointments, compensated or not, at the University of Hawaii or RCUH.

Employees may be exempt only if not responsible, directly or indirectly, for the design, conduct, or reporting of Research or other Scholarly Activity, and should consult their immediate supervisors, departmental chairperson, Dean, or Director regarding such exemptions.


rCOI Disclosure

rCOI is UH’s online disclosure system for those involved in extramurally-funded projects. This system is integrated with UH’s contracts and grants software, myGRANT, to ensure that all investigators and key personnel named on extramural proposals and awards have a current COI disclosure on file.

rCOI can be accessed directly through myGRANT or by clicking the link below. This link does not require the reporter to have a myGRANT account as long as they have a UH ID number:

User Guide and PowerPoint slides:

Kuali Build COI Disclosure

The Kuali Build COI Disclosure form is for UH employees not involved in extramurally-funded activities administered by the Office of Research Services (ORS). Currently, the Kuali Build COI Disclosure form is available for 3 types of submitters:

  1. UH Board of Regents appointees (Executive, Faculty, APT, and Civil Service);
  2. Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii (RCUH) employees; and
  3. UH students

Access to the Kuali Build COI Disclosure application requires a single sign-on through the UH Central Authentication Service (CAS):

User Guide and FAQ:

Non-UH Employee COI Form

Completed by investigators and key personnel of subrecipients that do not have an active and enforced COI policy that is compliant with 42 CFR Part 50, Subpart F.