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mygrant budget screen

Add a Budget Version(Required)

1.  Click the +Add Budget button to open the Create Budget Version window.




adding a budget

A.  Budget Name (Required): Enter a name in the field to aid distinguishing this budget version from any others you may create.
B.  Click the radio button to Start a summary budget. Selecting this option will allow you to enter only the lump sums (Direct, Indirect, and Cost Sharing) in the Budget Summary screen.
Click the Create Budget button.


budget details

A. Periods & Totals (Required): Use your budget spreadsheet to enter these figures.

  1. Direct Cost
  2. F&A Cost - Also known as Indirect Cost.
  3. Cost Sharing - Any shared costs should be totaled here.

B. Once you have entered the budget click the Complete Budget button.


budget completed

A. Is this budget complete? Mark that the budget is ready for submission. Then click OK.

B. Click Return to Proposal to return back to the proposal.


How to edit a budget after it has been marked complete and ready to submit:


budget edit

How to edit a budget after it has been marked it complete and ready to submit:

A. In the budget tab, Click on the Action button.

B. Click on Mark Budget Incomplete

C. Click on Remove from Submission

Then you can click on the budget name to edit the budget.